Cough cough, sick kids!

*sigh* no time for stamping, sick clingy kids. I love the cuddles but I would prefer if they weren't sick, breaks my heart when they aren't well. Hubby isn't well either, I seem to have escaped the worst of it but have a touch of the bug. I can't afford to get sick! To fulfill my "creative ambition" I am watching card making videos on YouTube and am going to brave the wild weather and head on down to spotlight to see if they have any replacement cutting strips for my paper trimmer :)


Welcome, lets take a journey together :)

I decided to take the plunge and start a blog *yay me* It will be a mixed bag blog with posts about me, the kids, the hubby, maybe some creations that I can come up with (time permitting). So sit back and enjoy the ride that is life :)