Jazzy New Clothes :)

Look what my 15 year old daughter made for me, a new header for my blog :) She knows my favourite Disney character is Tigger and she said it looked off balance so she put my second favourite, Eeyore. I wanted purple but when she showed me this with all the colours, yeehaa we had a winner! I am working on a deeply personal project at the moment, I am embellishing the memory book that was signed by attendees at my cousins funeral. I am taking my time with this as it has to be perfect and it will be sent down to my Aunt, it is my contribution seeing as I couldn't travel down for the funeral due to other family commitments.
School holidays are on at the moment, but I hope (after I have finished the book) to get creative again when I don't have children "helping" me LOL and will try to get a halfway decent picture to post instead of the grainy cellphone pictures or the blurry dinosaur digi cam pictures. In the meantime have fun and TTFN ;)

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